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C4 Fuels Fuel Island is open to the public 24/7! Our large stalls and fast pumps make it quick, easy, and convenient for all vehicles, equipment, and machines of any size.

We offer:

  • Diesel

  • Red diesel

  • U87 ethanol gasoline

  • Non-ethanol gasoline

  • DEF at the pump

Need a dyed diesel permit? We can help. We accept all major credit and debit cards making it convenient for you to pay and get a receipt at the pump! Have a fleet card? We accept those too! We accept Wex, Comdata, and more. We also offer our very own C4 Fuels Fleet Program so your company can track your fuel consumption and spending all in one place. Contact us for more information on fleet cards we accept or to get set up with C4 Fuels Fleet program. 

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