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Our Store

C4 Fuels has everything you need in one place! You know us for our Propane Fuel, and Lubricants but we offer so much more, including: Blackstone grills and Blackstone accessories, farm equipment and automotive accessories, portable DEF and fuel tanks, deer blinds, feeders, deer feed, coolers, bug repellents, industrial cleaners, fire pits, racing accessories, heaters, faucet covers, and the list goes on. We look forward to serving you! WE SELL SERVICE. 


Hunting Accessories 

Now selling a variety of hunting accessories: Deer Blinds, Deer Feeders, Deer Feed, and more! Call today for more information! 


Iceland Coolers 

Choose from a 20Qt., 45Qt., or 75Qt. Iceland Cooler. These incredible coolers feature EZ Lock Latches, Pressure Release Vales, Lockable Corners, Hanging Baskets and Cup Holders, Cutting Board/Dividers, and Bottle Openers just to name a few!

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Automotive Products 

Farm equipment and automotive accessories from hydraulic hoses to injector cleaners and fuel conditioners- C4 Fuels can help you get every mile out of your tank. 


and more! 

We offer everything from industrial cleaners to bug repellents to battery chargers, and so much more! 


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